Homebird; a person who spends most of their time at home simply because they are happiest there.


Hello, and thank you for stopping by! My name is Abigail, and I’m the creator/author of ‘Hello, Homebird’, the online destination for those who love being at home. I created this online space in 2023 when I was nearing the end of a long bungalow renovation project and desperately needed a creative outlet. Renovating our home had me spending A LOT of time (usually at 3am when insomnia struck, pinning decor ideas to my Pinterest boards, online window shopping for dreamy furniture I can’t afford, and mainly daydreaming about ways to make my home the cosiest, loveliest space for my family. 


I’m an introvert at heart, and I love to be creative. I always have new ideas, and I am pretty sure I drive my husband loopy, sharing them all with him. I figured there must be people out there that are like me and just love homemaking, whether that’s baking, organising, crafting, gardening, or simply relaxing on the sofa with a bloomin’ good book. I want to create a space here where I can share a bit of everything – things that hopefully will bring you joy too! 

Here are a few of the things you’ll find in this space:

Food – My kitchen is my favourite room in my house; I like to think of a kitchen as the hub of a home. Cooking, but more importantly, baking, is therapy to me. I do it when I’m sad, and I do it when I’m celebrating. You can expect to find some absolutely bangin’ recipes here. Don’t worry, though; as a busy toddler Mum, simple is my love language. 

Books – I love reading. You just can’t beat a good book. Personally, I’m a mystery/thriller fan, but I’ll read just about anything. You’ll find monthly book recommendations here for a whole range of genres. 

Home – Decor ideas. Cleaning and organisation hacks. Upcycling how-tos. Craft ideas. Design inspiration. Basically, everything that I love pinning to my Pinterest boards.  

Garden – OK, so I’m pretty new to this one, but I love turning our overgrown half-dead garden into something that looks half-decent. I’m learning so much and have plans to try and grow some veg, too, so watch this space! 

I really hope you’ll love it here.